Who needs the BNP…

I didn’t see this on the newsstands but Anton Vowel at Enemies of Reason brought it to my attention.

Of course they will no doubt come up with the usual spurious nonsense to justify it…”raising legitimate concerns” etc. and will claim that people who complain are trying to “shut down debate about immigration”. Well bollocks – like so many other headline stories in the Express in recent years it is spurious, scaremongering racist nonsense - the people responsible really are no better than the BNP and yet they seem to get away with this stuff time and time again. 
So when you next see government ministers (and opposition spokesmen) wringing their hands about the BNP, ask why they haven’t got the guts to go after the real racist threat in this country. 

Lottery winner? Well who picked his numbers?

There was much outrage in The Sun yesterday over Colin Stagg’s £700k compensation award, his remark that he felt “like a lottery winner” and the relative paucity of the payouts to 7/7 victims. The Mail had a similar headline, although the story seems to have been toned down slightly on its website.
Now Stagg’s remarks about winning the lottery may have rather ill-advised but he does not pretend to be the most articulate and media-savvy of people, and given everything he has gone through he is surely entitled to expresss some kind of pleasure at receiving his compensation.  Continue reading