Daily Mail spreading climate change misinformation again

Note: This piece has been updated on 15th December

The Daily Mail seems to have found yet more evidence to persuade its readers that they should be skeptical of man-made global warming. This piece by David Rose has two startling revelations – that both proxy data and an important diagram in an IPCC report were manipulated to make past temperatures appear cooler than they actually were, and that weather station data was also manipulated to show warming in recent times which may not have actually occurred. I don’t have time now to address the latter claim, but you can see a good summary here. However, I would like to address the question of the temperature data in some detail. Continue reading

Speaker’s wife in “didn’t spend college days doing ironing” shock!

I can’t say I have any interest in the recent revelations about Sally Bercow, wife of the speaker – what people got up to in their college days is a matter for them as far asĀ  I’m concerned. However, I couldn’t help noticing this in the Mail on Sunday yesterday.

Mrs Bercow, 40, shocked the Commons last week by revealing her promiscuous, binge-drinking past

Yes, I can imagine that to our esteemed Members of Parliament the notion that someone (and a woman at that!) might indulge in a bit of casual sex or, heaven forbid, binge drinking, and at university of all places, is entirely shocking and so at odds with their own clean-living background.

It’s another one for the “Audience from clean-living TV and media industries shocked at mildly risque joke by presenter at awards ceremony” category.