Speaker’s wife in “didn’t spend college days doing ironing” shock!

I can’t say I have any interest in the recent revelations about Sally Bercow, wife of the speaker – what people got up to in their college days is a matter for them as far asĀ  I’m concerned. However, I couldn’t help noticing this in the Mail on Sunday yesterday.

Mrs Bercow, 40, shocked the Commons last week by revealing her promiscuous, binge-drinking past

Yes, I can imagine that to our esteemed Members of Parliament the notion that someone (and a woman at that!) might indulge in a bit of casual sex or, heaven forbid, binge drinking, and at university of all places, is entirely shocking and so at odds with their own clean-living background.

It’s another one for the “Audience from clean-living TV and media industries shocked at mildly risque joke by presenter at awards ceremony” category.

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